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  • Stephanie Stanley is available to create custom artwork for your home, office or boat. Do you see a piece you like, but want it in different dimensions? Do you want to change a color to match your space? Stephanie will work with you to produce the right art for your needs.

    The Stephanie Stanley custom painting experience:

    While not all projects are as complex as this one, some are as simple as, "I would like Musicality to be made on a smaller canvas, 18 x 24 would be perfect for my space," others may require personal visits and consultations to get just the right painting to meet your needs. This is the story of a more complex commissioned painting experience.

    In December of 2006, new home builders in Chicago came across a Stephanie Stanley original on this web site that struck them as just the right piece they had been looking for. On a trip to Los Angeles, they were able to view this Epiphany in Santa Monica where they fell in love.

    Epiphany image
    Epiphany Santa Monica, California 36" x 48"

    While the Santa Monica painting was available, when they described their (much larger) space with Stephanie, she advised that the room would over-power the painting. Instead, if they wanted a bold look, she suggested bumping up the panel size to match the size of the room. A price was set, the contract was signed and Stephanie would soon be on a plane to Chicago to start work.

    After a Chicago site-visit to the house, which was still under construction, Stephanie helped layout the room and furniture sizes. Being on-site helped, but room colors were still not set, so some flexibility in the final finish color was requested to match the furniture (which had not been choosen yet). Everyone agreed that a two-panel set, 48" tall by 36" wide (for a total of 6 feet of painting!) would really stand out in this room.

    Although the piece was not to be delivered until the fall of 2007, in February of 2007, with painting size and basic colors determined, Stephanie began working on the two piece collection. The Epiphany series has a great deal of texture so drying time is not measured in hours, or days or even weeks. Stephanie got right to work as a multi-layer painting with these complex textures can take 9 months to cure as Stephanie does not believe in using curing agents in the paint as they can lead to long term damage with your finished piece in less than 10 years. It is this painstaking attention to details like this, and her williness to do-it-right instead of do-it-fast that adds to the value of a Stanley.

    Shortly after furniture was delivered and the carpet installed, on July 28, 2007, a trial hanging of the partially-finished Chicago Epiphany took place. A two piece set like this intentionally has a gap between the pieces, it helps define the area but in a photo can look like it has a line down the middle - there is truly nothing like seeing it in person to understand the seperation between the panels is part of the overall look and feel of the painting. The large creme-colored center is not complete yet, Stephanie was waiting for the final furniture and carpet installation to help visulize the colors in the room so she can determine the final colors for the focal point of the painting.

    Chicago Epiphany Image
    Chicago Epiphany trial hanging 48 inches by 6 feet

    For now, the Chicago Epiphany will hang in-place (the homeowner did not want it to return to the studio, preferring to keep it on their wall!) while waiting for the creme colors to cure before Stephanie applies the finishing color for the center design of the painting. What an exciting adventure this has been for everyone!

    For more information on a custom piece for your space, please contact Jamie Barile at 305-942-6628 or via e-mail Jamie@StephanieStanley.com

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